DOMI S.A. - Consulting Engineers


Dr. Stamatis Stathopoulos - Director

Dr. Kyriakos Statopoulos - Manager

DOMI is one of the leading Greek companies in the field of infrastructure and is activated in the design, supervision, consultancy, planning and implementation of bridges, tunnels, buildings, technical, industrial and special civil engineering projects (e.g. silos, water towers, sewage plants, piling etc). It has also a significant experience in earthquake engineering, including design and detailing of structures against seismic actions, seismic isolation, inspections, assessment and retrofitting.

DOMI is classified as E-grade (highest) for structural designs, E-grade (highest) for geotechnical designs, and D-grade for transportation designs according to the Greek National Law and is certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 by TÜV.

DOMI has participated in or carried out the design of exceptional projects like, the cable-stayed Rion–Antirion bridge (2920m long with max span 560m) and Euripus bridge (695m long, max span 215m), the large prestressed concrete cantilevered Metsovo and Votonossi bridges (max span 235m and 230m, respectively), and a big number of launching and prefabricated bridges.
In the field of composite bridges, DOMI designed and supervised bridges of area more than 120,000 m2; among them the Tsakona arched bridge (max span 300 m), the Kifissos Highway Bridge in Athens (1500m long), and several continuous bridges of medium span at Greece and Albania.

DOMI collaborates closely with Universities, construction companies and steel factories and it has participated in several research programs dealing with the seismic behavior of bridges and their protection against earthquake.

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