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Dr. Fabrizio Paolacci - Project Coordinator

Prof. Renato Giannini

Prof. Gianmarco De Felice

Dr. Silvia Alessandri

Dr. Maria Laura Malena

Department of Structures (DiS)

DiS aims to promote theoretical and applied studies on the Mechanics of Materials and Structures, with attention to both experimental research and computer simulation.
The main research fields, in which the members of the Department are active, are:

  1. theoretical modelling in mathematical physics;
  2. advanced problems in structural engineering and design;
  3. experimental studies on materials, structural components and scale models of structures;
  4. computational mechanics;
  5. studies on low environmental impact technologies.

Research is not only performed inside the Department but also outside, in cooperation with National and International institutions. The Department is endowed with a Laboratory for Static and Dynamic experiments on materials, structural elements and scale models of structures. In particular it is oriented towards experiments on Civil Engineering structures. The Laboratory is also active in industrial research projects.

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